Website Move and Upgrade

This website (at least we thought) has long required an update, but we didn't quite have the spare time to devote to improving it - or building a new site.

This has now been done! Our new site contains all of our latest updates, our store, as well as it's own forums, groups & private messaging - so we are now instantly contactable through our site too!

You can visit it here!

*This temporary Notice (and website) will be taken down on the 10th of June 2020 - 10:00am AEST.
*If you have ordered through this site - we still have all of your order details and this will not hinder your product delivery!
*If you would like to have your previous PDF order linked to your new account (after you create it) - send an email with your username, email and order confirmation from this store. We will link them up for you