Grim Hollow Campaign Setting: Hard Cover Book

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Grim Hollow provides everything Players and GM’s require in order to bring their Grim-Dark setting to life.  

Do you dare set foot within the world of Etharis? 

A god-less, unforgiving, war-torn world filled with Curses, Plagues & Ghoulish Creatures. A civilization that has long forgotten hope and now clings on desperately for survival. 

Will you be the one to lead those who have lost hope into a new-age of peace? 

Or will you succumb to the Darkness and decimate anything that stumbles across your path?

  • Discover a World in Desperate Need of Heroes
      • In a world that is brimming with history, depth, culture & conflict, players will fight for every small victory and mourn every loss as the very world itself fights back.

  • Transform Yourself in a Hunt for Power
      • Within Grim Hollow there are over five different Player Character transformations available; each with their own diverse range of pros and cons.

  • Invoke Supernatural Powers and lay waste to those who Oppose You.
      • Featuring a diverse array of new spells & feats, as well as the addition of Curses; you will find that there is always a means to an end…for a price.

  • Flesh Out Your Character’s with Unique Motivations and Goals.
      • Containing a completely rebuilt Background System with a host of new feats and abilities, you’re character can start as a simple peasant and arise to the role of powerful Crime Lord. Forge your own pathway.

    If you’ve been searching for an in-depth resource overflowing with lore, notable NPC’s, a range of new mechanics, items and spells; An imaginative, gripping and downright fear-inducing campaign guide then prepare yourself, for you have stumbled upon what you seek. 

    Welcome, to Etharis… We’ll see if you survive...